Photo Scoring System

What follows is the way I used to score my photos, based on Grumpy's (Jim Gilley) system. The premise behind doing this is to judge just how productive a given day was. Now I rely more on a combination of trains/locos seen, together with the number of frames obtained. For those who are still into the old way, here it be:

Take the basic shot value, then add any bonus points and subtract any penalties

Basic shot value:

Roster shot = 1 pt
Action shot = 5 pt

Bonus points:

SD90MAC in consist (visible) = +2 pt/loco (action or roster)
SD40-2 in consist (visible) = +3 pt/loco (action or roster) (includes SD40-2W, SD40-2F, other SD40-2 variants)
GP40-2W in consist (visible) = +4 pt/loco (action or roster)
SD40/SD38 in consist (visible) = +5 pt/loco (action or roster) (includes Dash-2 variants, any others as well)
new shot, first time = +2 pt (action or roster)
first photo of loco type = +8 pt (action or roster)
standard cab leading = +4 pt (action or roster)
first sighting of loco type = +15 pt (action or roster)
clean power = +1 pt (lead unit only)
non-coal train = +1 pt
foreign power = +2 pt/loco visible
Beaver/Zebra paint = +2 pt/loco visible
Multi-Mark/GCFX paint = +3 pt/loco visible
one-of-a-kind = +10 pt (action or roster)

Penalty points:

dirty power = -1 pt (lead unit only)
single unit train = -1 pt
wedgie penalty = -1 pt (action only)
CN "North America" paint = -2 pt/loco visible
"Dual Flags" paint = -3 pt/loco visible
old-nose Dash-9 = -4 pt/nose visible

After that, multiply by the score multiplier if applicable:

Score Multipliers:

solid consist (matched power) = multiply by # of locos
rare loco bonus (visible) = multiply by 2
steam bonus = multiply by 10

And, finally, add any "Artistic Merit" points to produce your final shot value:

Artistic Merit

+5 "Peel-your-jaw-off-the-floor-and-quit-drooling-on-my-carpet!" quality
+4 "Whoa, sweet!"
+3 "Hey, cool shot"
+2 "There's something about it I like"
+1 "Not bad..."
 0 "Gotta try that again"
-1 Technical issues get in the way of the shot
-2 "I know I can do better"
-3 "Why did I take this shot???"

Multiple identical shots don't count when scoring...(ie from a motor drive) a whole roll of roster shots of a single unit is still only 1 pt, however...different views do count as 1 pt each view...same deal with action shots, but shooting the same train (as on a chase) in a different spot or different lens does count as a seperate shot.

Scoring is done on the honor system...the idea, as stated above, is to judge just how productive a given day was (or is)...special occasions or circumstances may warrant scoring system changes.