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A catchall photo post

It’s another boring night shift on standby, imagine that! I considered doing another layout design post, but figured I’d reach into the archives and find a few shots that haven’t been posted yet.20140127_110053

None of these are posted in any particular order, and they aren’t all the same train either!20140328_131814


Unfortunately I don’t have many steam pictures uploaded onto the server right now. I have several shots on my phone (including a bunch of equipment with Sergent couplers, and a rejuvenated Mikado) but can’t access them on the laptop. They’re gonna have to wait til days off!20140128_11203420140128_11294120140128_11174020140328_121923

That’s all for now…looks like I have a bunch more that haven’t been posted, so I may have to do another of these posts in a few days.

Passenger train for fun pt 2

It’s been too long since I posted here again, but here goes! This time around we’ll follow the passenger train from a few posts back on its return journey from Namaka back to the main station.20140328_121109

The first shot is a tight one taken in the newest part of Larkhall. The welding shop on the right was built by Doug Wingfield, I don’t recall who built the complex on the right. Did I mention that I love the ability of a smartphone to get into locations that a traditional camera just can’t? The next shot was taken as the train winds its way past the small yard and station at Larkhall, a new angle for me. Kindly ignore the red monstrosity on the right hand side of the picture!20140328_121233

Leaving Larkhall we climb towards Commerce, winding along and over a river and a pair of big bridges.20140328_12132220140328_12134420140328_121421

I stand by my claim that Commerce is one of the most difficult locations on this railroad to photograph, but I’ve found a couple angles that seem to do it justice.20140328_12145320140328_121914

Tucked away in the back is this spot that most members of the public don’t get to see. For that matter, most club members don’t get into the spot I’m standing unless there was a derailment they need to fix. This is the other end of the siding at Bradshaw, very basic and unremarkable compared to the station and branchline junction at the other end.20140328_122020

Here’s the other end, in a grade crossing view and aerial view. 20140328_12270020140328_122713

Leaving Bradshaw we cross a couple bridges just before the summit of the railroad.20140328_12274320140328_122850

Halfway down the hill our passenger train winds its way into the lumber mill settlement at Bain.20140328_13182320140328_131904

The last couple shots are taken as the train approaches the terminal, where we turn on the wye and back into the station.20140328_13314020140328_133222

With that we finish another run over the Alberta Southern. Until next time…20140328_133630

Odds and ends

It’s been quiet around here again, for a variety of reasons. My last post was just days before days off, and days off were rather eventful. In no particular order I had to do some renovations, had a wheel take off from the boat trailer (at 100 km/h!), had the other side’s wheel bearings go out enroute to camping, and had a few days of camping south of Revelstoke BC. Since then I’ve been back at work, and that’s been busy enough that today was my first opportunity for a post here.

One really nice thing about camping out by Revelstoke was a chance to visit the Revelstoke Railway Museum. I don’t have any photos to share here yet, though what I did take may appear on the main site down the road. I was able to get a couple pictures of an old flatcar, and some older boxcars typical of the cars of my model era. Hopefully those will help me out later!

I had hoped that I would be able to give an early report on the Sergent couplers that I ordered (last hitch), but they didn’t arrive at home until the day *after* I returned to Red Deer for work. Seems to be that’s always the way it works out! I did get the equipment I plan to use for my tests sorted out, so it’ll be a matter of assembling the couplers, working them in, and putting them on the cars and engine. I’m looking forward to seeing how well they work for switching, as I love the way they look.

On the layout design front, I haven’t quite finished version seven of the A&C. Version 4 never did get completed, but what I did get drawn up will be featured in a post sometime when I’m home, as I have a few bits and pieces of plans to share. If I have time in the next week and a half (the time I have left at work for this hitch) I may post some of versions 5 and 6 which did get completed.

As for equipment, I couldn’t find any time last days off to work on any of my models! The cab for my Consolidation is mostly finished, but I need to assemble the running boards and start putting the engine back together. I need to gather up what pictures I’ve taken of some of the cars I’ve assembled and painted, and put a post together one of these days. Oh well!

To finish off today, I’ve scrounged up a pair of steam pictures here. If all goes well on days off, I’ll have more fodder, particularly regarding the couplers, to post here.bm2360-psgr-bradshawbm2360-psgr-larkhall1

Passenger train for fun pt 1

Seeing as it’s another boring night shift in the hotel in Red Deer, let’s do another photo post. I had one of my passenger trains set up behind a set of diesels from the club, but for some reason I never got around to grabbing pictures of that set up. I do have pictures of the club’s stainless steel cars behind a beautiful set of C-Liners so let’s go for a tour following them around the layout.20140328_104111


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Switcher powered passengers pt 2

I’ve finally got a chance for a followup post to last time. We’ll carry on this time with our passenger train which, at last sight, was making its station stop at Commerce. The next shot is taken over the ridge at the back of the room, as our train drops down the grade along a river.psgr-bridge

After that the train makes its way to Larkhall, pausing at the station.20140123_171924

The next shot doesn’t actually have the train in it, but I have a soft spot for grain elevators and this backlit (due to the spotlights being on) shot caught my eye after the fact.20140123_172042

After turning behind the scenes, we catch the train back on one of the larger grades on the layout. In the background is an old ore mine formerly served by a small narrow gauge system. That portion has since been replaced by a branchline from Larkhall up to a gas plant.20140123_172517

Once I finished the painting on the other two cars (as mentioned in the last post), I added them back into the train late in the trip. Here are a pair of shots of the now 6 car passenger train, passing the station at Bain.20140127_103426


That’s all for this trip around the layout! Next time I think we’ll take a look at my first design for the basement space, and I have many more photos to post as well. Til then, take care!