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Playing with trains

I know it’s been a bit since I posted here again, but I’ll try to make up for it here. I’ve been keeping busy at work, at home, and out railfanning. I’ve also been keeping up on the model railroad side, as I’m slowly converting all of my equipment to Sergent couplers, and still sketching track plan ideas. I did have an issue with the setup of the room (the location of the door needs to change), but that’s a subject for another post. This will be a basic photo post from here on!20150210_115113[1]

I had to swap the decoder in this loco recently, as the factory QSI gave up the ghost on me. I installed a TCS WowSound decoder, with KeepAlive and man, is it a nice decoder. The sound is head and shoulders above the factory decoder, and the motor control is excellent. I don’t know for sure if it’s related, but the engine seems to pull more now as well. This train weighed in at 60.5 oz of trailing weight, and while the Mikado was just barely able to get it over the 2+% grade into Bain, that’s fully 8 oz more trailing weight than it was able to do before.20150210_115155[1]

I didn’t do any switching on this day, just had fun running my train over the layout. I have another set of cars (plus one of my Decapods) converted, but those will be getting tested tomorrow. For now, enjoy the chase of the grain train over the SAMRC layout. I tried to get a few wider shots today so you can see the overall layout too, not just the train!20150210_115239[1]

Here we see the train thundering by the depot at Larkhall.20150210_115307[1]

Rounding the end of the peninsula, approaching Namaka.20150210_115347[1]

A passenger train waits to depart the station at Agatha.20150210_115531[1]

Looking towards the main yard and engine house.20150210_115558[1]

Coal mine atop the highest part of the layout.20150210_115611[1]

Heading back the other way now, passing the station at Namaka again.20150210_115851[1]

Western peninsula of the layout, representing a prairie town.20150210_115918[1]

Climbing the hill from Larkhall, past a drilling rig hard at work. Oil prices must be higher in the model world than they are right now in real life!20150210_120028[1]

The biggest wood trestle on the line.20150210_120042[1]

Topping the grade into Commerce.20150210_120050[1]

The caboose rolls by.20150210_120118[1]

Rolling into the far end of Bradshaw.20150210_120218[1]

Tail end departs Bradshaw as the head end approaches the summit.20150210_120331[1]

Sneaking into Bain.20150210_120428[1]

Passing the sawmill at Bain.20150210_120441[1]

Over a tall wood bridge on the descent to the main yard.20150210_120513[1]

Downgrade on the doubletrack, our final shot of the day.20150210_120538[1]

Hope you enjoyed the chase!

Another photo post

Guess who’s stuck sitting in a hotel room waiting for another night shift? As suggested last time, let’s take another freight train tour over the SAMRC. These were taken with my new phone, a Galaxy S3, trying out some new angles. Except for the turntable shot I haven’t bothered with any post processing as using GIMP on the laptop isn’t nearly as nice as using Photoshop on the PC at home.

Our train is waiting in the yard, and we start by seeing our power for the day on the turntable. It’s the same Broadway Limited Mikado as last time, the next batch of photos will feature one of my other engines, I promise!20131217_200815

Once we get on our train we make our way through the yard, passing a passenger train sitting at the station on the way.20131217_201314

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Happy New Year 2014

I just finished up another night shift here in central Alberta, and actually have enough time to make up one final post for 2013. It’s been a busy last couple months between work and various projects and holidays when I’ve been home, so I haven’t been able to pay this site as much attention as I’d like. To try to make up for that, let’s do another layout tour down at the Southern Alberta Model Railway Club.

Our train today is a general freight, with a heavy Mikado leading 13 cars and a caboose. You’ll have to forgive the WP paint on the 2-8-2 as I haven’t yet repainted (or Canadianized) it, and some of the cars don’t have any lettering yet, but, hey, my layout is far enough away time-wise that I’m not about to worry about it. We start as the train pulls out of the yard past the tower guarding the wye and lead to the passenger station.wp306-tower Continue reading Happy New Year 2014