Monthly Archives: August 2014

Odds and ends

It’s been quiet around here again, for a variety of reasons. My last post was just days before days off, and days off were rather eventful. In no particular order I had to do some renovations, had a wheel take off from the boat trailer (at 100 km/h!), had the other side’s wheel bearings go out enroute to camping, and had a few days of camping south of Revelstoke BC. Since then I’ve been back at work, and that’s been busy enough that today was my first opportunity for a post here.

One really nice thing about camping out by Revelstoke was a chance to visit the Revelstoke Railway Museum. I don’t have any photos to share here yet, though what I did take may appear on the main site down the road. I was able to get a couple pictures of an old flatcar, and some older boxcars typical of the cars of my model era. Hopefully those will help me out later!

I had hoped that I would be able to give an early report on the Sergent couplers that I ordered (last hitch), but they didn’t arrive at home until the day *after* I returned to Red Deer for work. Seems to be that’s always the way it works out! I did get the equipment I plan to use for my tests sorted out, so it’ll be a matter of assembling the couplers, working them in, and putting them on the cars and engine. I’m looking forward to seeing how well they work for switching, as I love the way they look.

On the layout design front, I haven’t quite finished version seven of the A&C. Version 4 never did get completed, but what I did get drawn up will be featured in a post sometime when I’m home, as I have a few bits and pieces of plans to share. If I have time in the next week and a half (the time I have left at work for this hitch) I may post some of versions 5 and 6 which did get completed.

As for equipment, I couldn’t find any time last days off to work on any of my models! The cab for my Consolidation is mostly finished, but I need to assemble the running boards and start putting the engine back together. I need to gather up what pictures I’ve taken of some of the cars I’ve assembled and painted, and put a post together one of these days. Oh well!

To finish off today, I’ve scrounged up a pair of steam pictures here. If all goes well on days off, I’ll have more fodder, particularly regarding the couplers, to post here.bm2360-psgr-bradshawbm2360-psgr-larkhall1