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Passenger train for fun pt 1

Seeing as it’s another boring night shift in the hotel in Red Deer, let’s do another photo post. I had one of my passenger trains set up behind a set of diesels from the club, but for some reason I never got around to grabbing pictures of that set up. I do have pictures of the club’s stainless steel cars behind a beautiful set of C-Liners so let’s go for a tour following them around the layout.20140328_104111


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Alberta & Columbia v3

It’s been a productive hitch so far both on the work front, and on the blogging side of things. Let’s look at the third design I came up with for the planned layout space in my basement this time. I’ll try to get another photo post up in a few days, depending on my workload up here in Red Deer.

As with last time, this is a multi-level plan (you could call it 2.5 decks). I’ll post the drawings, then get to a discussion of the plan below.


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Thoughts on wheels and couplers

aka taking the plunge?

I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on wheels and couplers in this edition. While I don’t have my own railroad yet, I have the opportunity to run my equipment down at the club. The standard there is metal wheels on cars, and Kadee number 5s for couplers. Based on past experience, I was planning on running metal wheels, and using Kadees as I got back into the hobby anyway (I built a non-scenicked layout in my teens, but barely got it to operating condition before moving out of my parents house).

The first wheels I got were from Intermountain. I was very satisfied, but modeling the steam era, I wanted to try find a batch of wheels with the ribbed back characteristic of the cast iron wheels of the day. I outfitted a few cars with ribbed back wheels from Kadee, but they don’t seem to roll nearly as well as the Intermountains. Since those few cars, all of my cars, both freight and passenger, have been equipped with the Intermountain wheels, either 33″ or 36″ as appropriate. I’m not dissatisfied enough with the Kadees to swap them out, but I might. I also weight my cars either to, or slightly above, the NMRA recommended weight, which helps with the operating properties thereof.

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