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The Cascade River Railroad

Here’s another 12×24 layout plan that I drew once upon a time when trying to replace the layout I had built in my parent’s crawlspace. It was drawn while I was still in high school, but it’s a massive improvement from the layout I had been building. Again, it’s a standard 12×24 space, with a side entry between a pair of studs. Schematically it’s a basic loop, with the option for a point to loop operation out of the main terminal. While it has one main yard, that yard represents two places, one at each end though they share a common engine terminal. In my efforts to convince my parents to let me tear out the one layout and replace it with this one I wrote a 6500 word piece about both layouts, but nothing ever came of it. (And no, I’m not going to type that whole thing up here either!) Study the plan for a while if you will, then I’ll walk through a tour and analysis of it.cascade-river

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Another grain train at the club

I haven’t had much time for posting lately unfortunately, but I’ll get part one of another photo tour going here. I have to admit, I like running diesels at the club from time to time, particularly in 3 unit consists. I’m not sure what the deal is, but when I set up a three unit consist (we run Digitrax) it tends to stay together for a while, almost as if people are scared to break it up. This time I put together a string of my boxcars, with a caboose, and lashed up an F7A and pair of GP9s to lead it around the layout.20140127_110031

I’ve shown this view before, but this gives a chance for a first good look at our consist for the day. The lead unit is ASR 3001, while the trailing Geeps are the ASR 4013 and 4064.20140127_110054

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