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Assorted passenger trains

For a change of pace this time, I’ve got a few photos of passenger trains on the club layout to share. They feature one of my other locomotives, a Spectrum 2-10-0. The Decapod has a burnt out headlight, but I’ve got my 2-8-0 out of service so I can build a CPR cab for it, and I don’t feel like pulling another engine out of service for repairs at the same time. Opening up the upload window I see I have a pile of photos from the couple sessions where I ran a passenger train, so it looks like I have a couple posts worth of material!

The shots in this set were all taken with my cell phone, as it makes it simple and easy to get into the scene. Here we see the passenger train rolling past the diesel shop in the main yard.20140121_110022

Leaving the yards we pass the switching lead to the industrial area of Armelgra. This is also one of the few grade crossings along the route, a chance to blow a 14l on sound equipped engines.20140121_110832


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More layout design fun

Let’s have some more fun with an old layout design this time around. This one was also drawn years ago, back in high school. It’s a basic, but small modular switching layout. Heck, it’s small enough that some of the modules could probably be combined and still be easy to handle and transport. Let’s dig into a critique based on what I would do differently now.

I can start by saying that now, having done some operating, I hate switchbacks. They may have been good for John Allen’s Timesaver, but really have no place on an operating model railroad. Except for tight urban spaces, real railroads avoid them due to the extra moves it takes just to switch one spur. As such, starting at the top of the plan, I would reverse the orientation of the spur serving industry 8. The other spurs in that area are not an issue to work, though I’m not sure the industries themselves are big enough to justify rail service!modular-switching

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