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Another photo post

Guess who’s stuck sitting in a hotel room waiting for another night shift? As suggested last time, let’s take another freight train tour over the SAMRC. These were taken with my new phone, a Galaxy S3, trying out some new angles. Except for the turntable shot I haven’t bothered with any post processing as using GIMP on the laptop isn’t nearly as nice as using Photoshop on the PC at home.

Our train is waiting in the yard, and we start by seeing our power for the day on the turntable. It’s the same Broadway Limited Mikado as last time, the next batch of photos will feature one of my other engines, I promise!20131217_200815

Once we get on our train we make our way through the yard, passing a passenger train sitting at the station on the way.20131217_201314

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Rocky Ford Railroad

As suggested last time, let’s look at another layout plan, this one from way back when. Part of my thought process to presenting these older designs first is to illustrate where my designs for my current space originated. These early plans were drawn back when I was in high school, still a teenager. I left that time behind a long time ago, but these designs helped bring me to where I am now in terms of layout design. By the time I drew this plan I was still working with the 12×24 space of my parent’s crawlspace, but I had largely started to ignore obstacles of headroom and drain pipes.

The inspiration for this plan came from reading Linn Westcott’s book on John Allen and his Gorre and Daphetid Railroad. I was sufficiently impressed to attempt to fit a replica into the space available to me. Looking back now I can see that the plan is largely a bowl of spaghetti, and would have been exceptionally difficult to build and maintain, largely due to access issues. Schematically it’s fairly true to the G&D, even in terms of rough layout it’s not too far removed, but it wouldn’t have run nearly as well! The plan has a 24″ minimum radius on the main (18″ on branches and spurs), and steep grades. I have the grades listed on a separate sheet, which I don’t have with me, but my memory says they were in the 3 to 3.5% range in many spots.rocky-ford

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