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Happy New Year 2014

I just finished up another night shift here in central Alberta, and actually have enough time to make up one final post for 2013. It’s been a busy last couple months between work and various projects and holidays when I’ve been home, so I haven’t been able to pay this site as much attention as I’d like. To try to make up for that, let’s do another layout tour down at the Southern Alberta Model Railway Club.

Our train today is a general freight, with a heavy Mikado leading 13 cars and a caboose. You’ll have to forgive the WP paint on the 2-8-2 as I haven’t yet repainted (or Canadianized) it, and some of the cars don’t have any lettering yet, but, hey, my layout is far enough away time-wise that I’m not about to worry about it. We start as the train pulls out of the yard past the tower guarding the wye and lead to the passenger station.wp306-tower Continue reading Happy New Year 2014