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Adventures in 12×24

The first space I had for layout construction was under the kitchen of my parents place, in a crawlspace barely 5 feet to the joists above. What it lacked in height, it made up for in space. I never did measure the entire space, and I don’t have an adequate copy of the track plan to share from that layout, but the area I was using measured 12 feet by 24 feet. The access was from the side, on one of the long sides about 6′ from the end. It was, unfortunately, just a gap in between the studs of a pony wall which made it something like 14.5″ wide! Over time I became dissatisfied with the layout I was building, largely due to design issues which were caused by my lack of experience with layout design and operation. Not only that, there were so many trackwork issues that even if I had corrected the design flaws (very difficult to do), I still don’t think I would have been very happy with it. Continue reading Adventures in 12×24