Monthly Archives: October 2013

An early design

I was going to make a post here about an early design for the Alberta & Columbia from a hotel room in Red Deer, but on looking through my files it seems I do not have it scanned yet. Instead, let’s look at an early design from way back in high school! At the time I was considering building a small, portable switching layout to help introduce my classmates to the hobby of model railroading. I never did make the time to do anything with it, but here it is anyway.switching-solo

The basic premise was a very small layout, to be operated from behind the backdrop. Let’s face it, this thing is tiny, only 10 x 42 (inches that is!) The origin of the design can be found in John Allen’s Timesaver, which has been well criticized in the years following. It is just a small switching puzzle, but would be a fun introduction. Equipment needs would be minimal, just a switcher (EMD SW-type, or a small 0-6-0 of some sort) and a handful of 40′ cars. Industry names were lifted from a Model Railroader magazine, or similar Kalmbach publication, I can’t remember where as it was 15 years ago!!

I had planned for it to be used in conjunction with “National Model Railroad Month” (November) but again, never did build it. If someone out there does, send me some pics!!